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Implementation Guide

Get an overview of integration with Seel Return Assurance.
If you are a Shopify merchant, you can simply install our Shopify app or visit our Open Platform to connect your store and install our apps.
If you are developing for a non-Shopify platform or an e-commerce marketplace, please follow the instructions below to start your integration with Seel Return Assurance.
No two marketplaces are the same, so we can be very flexible to accommodate different types of integration. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any customization requests.

User Flow

Purchase experience:
  • Buyers have the option to opt-in Return Assurance (RA) at checkout, and they can simply purchase Return Assurance (RA) by checking out with RA widget checked.
Return & refund experience:
  • Buyers can report the issue to Seel by submitting a return request via Seel Resolution Center
  • After the return request is submitted, buyers will get a prepaid shipping label and they need to ship back the item as instructed
  • Seel receives and inspects the return item, and check it's eligibility for refund. If it's eligible, Seel will then refund via the payout method selected by the shopper when submitting the request (i.e. Direct Deposit, PayPal, Venmo, etc.)
Since partner collects the RA fee from shoppers first, Seel will initiate a charge of the RA fee and refund canceled RA policies on a weekly basis to partner's bank account connected on Seel Open Platform.

Integration Overview

The overall integration consists of two parts:
1) Embedding Seel Pixel, for storefront widget display and underwriting
2) Integrating with Seel API, for updating insured order's shipping information or canceling a policy.
Below is a high-level overview of the implementation:
Integration overview

Data flow

Data flow
The main parts that require implementation are:
  • Frontend: Place Seel Pixel in all webpage headers, which allows the pixel to collect shopping behavior data and display RA widget UI
  • Frontend (optional): Call createQuote() on Seel Pixel when shopper arrives at checkout page, and whenever there's a change to the checkout page. These changes could be:
    • when shopper changes the shipping address, which might be an address ineligible for RA and Seel may push onUnchecked()
    • when there's a discount code applied to the order which results in the cart price change
    • when shopper removes item from the cart, etc.
  • Frontend: Set up onChecked() and onUnchecked() callback functions to update the order total value accordingly
  • Frontend: Call placeOrder() when a new purchase is made, even when RA is unchecked
  • Backend: Call updateAsset() API when the order is shipped
  • Backend: Call cancelPolicy() when the order is canceled
  • Frontend: Place the Seel Resolution Center link on the return policy page, or order detail page
In addition to these core functions, Seel also provides a dashboard - Open Platform - as well as RESTful API to manage policies, claims, billing, and other configurations.